We are sales and trading partner of the LANXESS Group for Chemical Intermediates and Specialty Chemicals. We offer products for the chemical industry, personal care, animal nutrition as well as selected plant protection products.

Our customers worldwide value our comprehensive and uncomplicated service. Our Sales Representatives and our Technical Marketing team provide expert and practical advice.

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Advanced Materials
We distribute basic and fine chemicals as well as inorganic pigments. _more
    Speciality Products
Additives for animal feed, stabilizer for Biodiesel and raw materials for plant protection... _more
    Flavors & Fragrances  
Performance Products
Our portfolio includes products for personal care and material protection. _more
    Flavors & Fragrances
New: Our PUROLAN® portfolio for Flavors & Fragrances _more
Personal Care     Animal Nutrition
Personal Care
Personal Care offers products for use in the classical cosmetic applications, as well as in the related areas of washing and cleaning industry. _more
    Animal Nutrition
Where to find LANXESS Distribution at exhibitions. We look forward to your visit!_more
Baynox Biodiesel     Folanx
BAYNOX® / Biodiesel
Baynox extends the shelf-life of Biodiesel_more
A new kind of calcium leaf fertilizer..._more